9 things not to miss in your 2019 marketing

Posted on: January 3, 2019

A new year has dawned and if 2018 was anything to go by, this looks set to be another 12 months of exciting opportunities to factor into your sales and marketing approach.  And as the start of the year is often a time when people plan, we’ve shared 9 developments we think will have an impact on 2019 marketing plans.


1. Video

Consumption of video and image content soared in 2018 and this is only set to continue in 2019. As information-overloaded people favour images over words, there’s a real opportunity to move your marketing campaigns and messages into a video and image format.  Video works across both B2C and B2B sectors and some highly creative businesses are even catering for video consumption where the user is unable to play volume (for example in open-plan offices) – check out this example


2. Further privacy legislation

We had GDPR last year, and this year we’re due for the E-Privacy regulations to make a further mark on consent, cookies and direct marketing. For now GDPR and PECR are still in the driving seat and trying to work together. Be on the look-out for further clarification on privacy and marketing rights and wrongs as the year progresses.  Also look out for test-cases as the ICO flexes its muscles in tackling misconduct and breaches post-GDPR.  This will also give greater clarity to the legislation.


3. Further changes by online media provider

2018 was a challenging year for many as fake news, fake reviews, privacy issues and lack of control over online ad locations hit the headlines. Media goliaths like Facebook started making changes to their platform, functionality and interface and this will only increase in 2019.  The importance is to keep an eye out to changes to your key online platforms.  Make sure you don’t miss out on a development.


4. LinkedIn Company page opportunities

Whilst we’re on the topic of changing social media, at the end of last year LinkedIn revamped Company pages a bit. These now give organisations a little more functionality to build greater engagement with their followers. Key developments included:

  • The ability to add a strapline
  • Seeing what topics are followers are most engaged in (but to be honest the segmentation/filtering criteria is still a bit broad)
  • Having the ability to apply 3 hashtags to your company page
  • Responding even more easily to messages.

It’s an approach to foster greater dialogue and interest between followers and employees.  Make sure your company is making the most of the features in its LinkedIn profile.


5. Voice search

With more people getting hooked on the ease of voice search, enabling your products and services to feature well for voice-searches will become a paramount feature of people’s SEO work in the coming year. Start planning now how easy your products and services are easy to find through voice search.


6. Direct mail

As a by-product of GDPR last year there already feels a bit of a swell back to Direct Mail, or maybe it’s just that Royal Mail’s promotional activity is touching a note. The most effective direct mail campaigns will be those that factor in personalisation and tailoring in order to have relevance and engage the interest of the recipient.


7. Employee communications

2018 saw a drop in UK unemployment and in many sectors our clients populate the talent pool isn’t as bountiful as it used to be. This places greater importance on retaining the talent you have and employee communications are an important facet of ensuring the team stay happy and loyal.  Customers and potential employees alike seem to be taking a greater interest in what employees have to say. Those organisations who demonstrate a consistent and genuinely positive picture of their employee experience impress.  Don’t forget the employer facet of your brand values to ensure it goes from good to great in 2019.


8. Corporate social responsibility

With the Environment and other ethical factors really hitting the headlines in 2018, businesses will face further greater scrutiny about their impact on the local and global community. Those who are able to articulate the value and support they’re bringing to the greater good will be viewed favourably over those who don’t.  They’ll be noticed for all the right reasons.


9. Faster reporting and planning reviews

And finally, with the current pace of change and continued political and economic upheaval in 2019, buyer behaviour and mood trends will come and go quickly. The same applies for hot topics.  In your marketing planning, you need to allow for quicker and creative responses if you want to capitalise on a sudden opportunity. Rest assured though that seasonality will still work in your favour as people seek comfort in the constant as change intensifies.  Be sure to appeal to human nature and seasonal interest to get noticed.


Can we help?

Hopefully our ideas will help you in your 2019 marketing planning and we wish you a very successful year.  If we can help further turning your goals and ideas into reality, be sure to get in touch.  We’d be delighted to help you have a truly wonderful 2019.

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