Proposal & Pitch Production

Pitching for new work can be a stressful and nerve-racking experience for many business people.  Not only do you have to anticipate what the customer is seeking but in order to win you need to position your offer in a way that:

a) outshines the competition and
b) makes the customer want to work with you and you alone.

A helping hand at every step of the way

The help we give businesses with their new business proposals, pitches and presentations takes many shapes and forms.  It includes:

  1. Analysing the brief or invitation to tender to uncover what the customer wants and how to build competitive advantage in the response
  2. Helping them to plan their response to a brief or invitation to tender
  3. Undertaking or coaching individuals on the scoping conversations to have with the potential customer during the proposal or presentation preparation phases
  4. Project-managing, formulating and even writing the proposal document
  5. Devising, coaching and rehearsing the pitch presentation
  6. Creating follow-up approaches that keep them front of mind whilst the customer makes their decision
  7. Conducting post-proposal/ presentation feedback from the customer to help future new business pitches

Looking through the customer’s eyes

Our approach throughout the whole process is to understand what the customer is looking for and put ourselves in their shoes, so to speak.  This enables us to devise highly tailored proposals, pitches and presentation that emphasise the business solutions and strengths that will impress and prove successful.

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