Digital & Online Marketing

On-line, web and digital marketing are often a major component of many marketing plans.  As the world moves more and more down the digital and mobile highway, it’s sometimes difficult to keep up with technological developments and still get your message heard.

So contact us if you’re looking for help devising and project-managing…

  • E-mail marketing campaigns and e-newsletters
  • Pay per click advertising on Google, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • QR Code campaigns
  • Google maps campaigns
  • Social media profiles and company/brand pages
  • Websites for both mobile, tablet and desktop visitors

Getting more from your analytics

Digital and on-line marketing offers great analytics that measure the effectiveness of your campaign.  Part of our work involves interpreting the results from these tools. We use the information to make our clients’ digital marketing efforts and general on-line performance more effective.

Finding the right channel to get your message heard

Through our network of talented designers and programmers we ensure your marketing message or offer:

  • reaches your target audience and
  • engages their interest

We’re also happy to work with your designers and programmes if you’d prefer.

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