We’re delighted to have received so many positive comments over the years about our work. Here’s a selection…

Nick Bamford, Executive Director, Informed Choice Ltd

“Sometimes, as business owners we spend so much time working ‘in the business’ we fail to work enough ‘on the business’. It pays to use a trusted consultant from outside the business to facilitate on business change activities.

Michelle has worked with us on a major systems and processes revamp that has led to massive improvements in our client delivery. She has helped us work out how to do it quicker and better. We trust her because she delivers results. She does what she says she is going to do.

Friendly and engaging I believe she brings out the very best from our management team. I would recommend her services to any business owner looking to make their client service delivery better, quicker and more profitable.”

Ros Twite, KeyQuest Health Ltd

“I just wanted to let you know our turnover for the first half year is up by 35 percent! I have no doubt the defend – keep – grow strategy we developed with you this time last year has played an enormous part!  Thank you.”

John Lanning, Robinson Buckley Insurance Brokers

“I have now worked with Michelle on a number of published articles, providing exposure of Robinson Buckley to an extremely wide audience. Without Michelle’s contacts, achieving this level of exposure would have been an extremely expensive and tiresome exercise. The combination of Michelle’s professional writing and my technical input has produced many pieces within RICS Magazine, Commercial Moves and The Estate Agent of which I am very proud. Having publications produced by the RICS featuring me as their “insurance expert” is no small endorsement! I find Michelle a pleasure to work with, thoroughly professional and an asset to have available to my business.”

Dr Cliff Ferguson, Rainmakers UK

“I have known Michelle a long time and have worked with her in a number of different ways. I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle to anyone – she is BRILLIANT!”

Matthew Kilgannon, Partner, Downs Solicitors

“Michelle is excellent. She’s incredibly personable and creative and very easy to work with. In a short space of time, she has been able to provide a lot of help and support. She has understood our business sector very quickly and offers very good value for money. I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle.”

Brian Woodcock, Clever Marketing

“I have worked with Michelle for a number of years on many projects either through my own company or with our clients, I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle to anyone who is looking for strategic direction for their business she has helped me personally with my business and marketing plan. She is also an excellent copywriter and a person that keeps me up to date with all things current in the world of business and marketing.”

Nigel Blake, Perfect Pitch Consultancy

“I have no hesitation in recommending Michelle who has not only produced some outstanding work for my business, but went that one step further and introduced me to her clients as well. A pleasure to work with.”

Julie Hall, Women Unlimited

“Michelle is a regular feature writer for Women Unlimited and consistently writes great articles. She is able to inspire and educate our audience with each article and is one of the most popular writers on our site.”

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