Thought Leadership

In our hugely competitive world, businesses jostle to gain recognition and attract customers. Whilst many present themselves as experts in a similar field, some increasingly stand out from the crowd.

Their people are continually profiled and are sought out for comment on key issues. The visibility they gain soon positions them as experts on a given issue or topic. This is rarely down to luck, as behind many an ‘expert’ is a well-planned thought leadership programme.

Over the years we have devised a number of successful thought leadership programmes that have positioned the businesses involved as experts in their field.  Components of these programmes have included:

  • Book, research and white paper publishing
  • PR and article commissions
  • Social media commentary
  • Speaking opportunities and interviews
  • Using thought leadership collateral to target new business

Trust is built on reputation and reputation is generally NOT built on advertising. It is built on what others say about you. Become a thought leader in your field and it won’t matter as much how big you are. Companies will look to you for insight and vision. Journalists will quote you, analysts will call you and websites will link to you. Elise Bauer

I have now worked with Michelle on a number of published articles, providing exposure of Robinson Buckley to an extremely wide audience. Without Michelle’s contacts, achieving this level of exposure would have been an extremely expensive and tiresome exercise. The combination of Michelle’s professional writing and my technical input has produced many pieces within RICS Magazine, Commercial Moves and The Estate Agent of which I am very proud. Having publications produced by the RICS featuring me as their “insurance expert” is no small endorsement! I find Michelle a pleasure to work with, thoroughly professional and an asset to have available to my business.”  John Lanning, Robinson Buckley Insurance Brokers

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