New Customer Targeting

Whilst your existing client and customer base will contribute a lot to your revenue, in order to grow your organisation you’ll also need to attract new customers.  This is especially true if the nature of your offering means it’s a one-off purchase, and rarely leads to repeat buys.

We’ve worked with a range of different organisations and individuals to help them target new business.  Our work in this area has involved:

  • researching new markets
  • defining realistic target lists that have real potential
  • researching individual prospective customers and their organisations
  • creating focused and targeted marketing campaigns that introduce the business/individual to the prospective new customer and warm them up ahead of follow up calls.

We also offer individuals and business training and coaching on how best to:

  • handle first meetings with prospective customers
  • gain commitment from the client or customer
  • write successful pitch documents
  • deliver winning pitch presentations
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