Social Media Marketing

The explosion of social media over recent years has given companies a more tailored and direct way to communicate with customers and strengthen their brand on a relatively low budget. It’s very easy to jump on the bandwagon with social networks. These communications channels can provide a great avenue to reach new customers and contacts.

At the same time involvement in social media can burn masses of time and divert you away from other business development tactics.

Which channel?

One of the first things we like to determine is whether social networks are the best channel to reach your target audience. If so, we can establish a plan and programme which keeps your brand, company or personal profile fresh with interesting content and builds more social interaction with your target network.

Our approach

Our social media work tends to centre around Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google My Business profiles and we:

  • Devise appealing social media pages for our clients’ products, services or businesses – setting up their business page on their preferred network
  • Plan, write and post updates to keep their profiles fresh and interesting
  • Devise promotions to stimulate more enquiries from their network
  • Help our clients monitor changes and updates in their networks to capitalise on commercial opportunities as they occur
  • Monitor and advise on the analytic results for clients’ social media profiles
  • Conduct social action website integration
  • Optimise blogs in relation to social media channels
  • Make social media software recommendations
  • Undertake social media analysis on your competitors
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