Social media video and audio specs cheat sheet

Posted on: June 19, 2024

In today’s fast-paced digitised world, posts with video and audio are proving hugely popular across all social media platforms.  Subsequently, they’re a powerful way to communicate marketing messages and build brand awareness with a target audience.

But for anyone who has attempted to manage this across multiple platforms, it soon becomes clear that each social network comes with its own unique specifications for sharing such content.

So, to help you navigate all the different criteria such as…

  • aspect ratios
  • video lengths
  • file formats
  • file sizes
  • audio settings

… we’ve devised a free and handy cheat sheet.

This valuable tool brings all the essential details you need in one place. Use it to optimise your video and audio content for any platform you choose to share it on.

This will help you to create stand-out assets which engage your audience and enhance your social media presence. It will also avoid you investing in video and audio content which you then can’t upload to your preferred social network.

Enjoy using the tool and if you need a helping hand with your social media marketing, do get in touch.

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