Presentation Creation & Coaching

Whether you’re a natural presenter or not, presentations are often part of professional lives and we’re expected to be able to do them.  Whether it’s delivering a keynote address at a conference, presenting as part of a pitch, delivering a seminar or even running a meeting for a team, presentations will feature in daily lives.

Stage fright

But unfortunately presentations are nerve-racking activities for most people.  Get them right though and you will dramatically enhance your kudos and credibility.  Come across as nervous or dull and your audience will want to get out as soon as they can.

A helping hand to get you to wow your audience

We have both theatrical and commercial experience, which we bring together to help our clients put together presentations which pack a punch and wow an audience.  We can help with different aspects of the presentation

  • presentation or speech writing
  • background visuals and props creation – eg powerpoint slides and video
  • presentation coaching and rehearsing
  • review and evaluation

In doing so, we’ll get to grips with the audience you’ll be facing as well as the key messages you want to convey.  We’ll work to ensure you engage their interest right from the start and help you to  impress and stimulate them right to the end.  We’ll also give you tips on how to follow up your presentation so it supports your reputation-building, business growing efforts.

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