Marketing Planning

Whether you are looking for a marketing strategy, specific communications plan, social media strategy or just a map that will take you from A to B, we can help.

With our Chartered Institute of Marketing background and commercial experience, we are often asked to help organisations undertake strategic and tactical marketing and business development planning.

Achievable plans

Our focus is to create plans you can action. We hate the idea of plans that collect dust on a shelf or are buried in a computer’s filing system. Their formulation is such a waste of time and money.

So our approach is to factor in how you could implement the plan as well as what you want to achieve. We invest time getting to understand your organisation, the way you work , other commitments, objectives and challenges you are facing, how you like doing things and the resources you have available.

From our interest in project-management, our planning approach invariably produces short manageable steps that together point to your desired your goal. Rather than presenting you with one large mountain to climb, we find a series of shorter and more manageable steps improve the success-rate of a plan.

The types of strategies and plans we’ve worked on:

  • Planning preparation – facilitation of brainstorming and evaluation sessions
  • Marketing strategy and marketing plan formulation
  • Key account plans
  • Targeting plans
  • Customer retention plans
  • Marketing campaign plan
  • PR and media plans
  • Social media strategy and plans
  • Promotional plans
  • Product launch plans
  • New market entry plans
  • Personal branding and reputation plans
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
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