Sometimes little tweaks can make a big, big difference

Posted on: February 24, 2015


When organisations look at the marketing goals they’ve set, it sometimes feels that ahead lies a sizable mountain to climb.  The goals require a significant change in the way they do business, a large financial or time investment or securing the buy-in of multiple stakeholders.

In fact often business teams get overly absorbed on major, time-consuming marketing initiatives when there are simpler, quicker and easier tactics sitting there waiting to be tackled.

Despite being small, these quicker wins can in turn bring about great changes.  For a start, by being easier to achieve they spur the business on to complete the next stepping stone in their marketing plan and so on.

And with more and more of these small tasks completed, the business hurtles along towards achieving its goals.  In contrast those focused on their major marketing mountain can find themselves still stuck at the starting post, feeling overwhelmed by the scale of the task at hand.

Often a massive marketing mountain isn’t needed. More isn’t always the answer and less sometimes is. Which is why we wanted to share this article from one of our clients.

Independent Financial Planners, Informed Choice,  has been on an exciting journey of late.  It was one which didn’t involve scaling new and dizzy heights or bringing about major new changes to the business. Instead it followed more of a path of self discovery where the business made simple and relatively easy tweaks here and there to bring it closer to its core values and distinctive proposition.

This wasn’t necessarily about doing more, rather it was about doing things slightly differently.  And from what we hear, the results in client gains and client loyalty have rewarded the effort.

Read What’s Working For You? by Martin Bamford and thank you Martin for sharing your insight from the experience.

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