Making the most of LinkedIn in networking

Posted on: July 31, 2015

WBD 25 Making the most of LinkedIn

Last year, we co-authored one of The Results Consultancy’s great Winning Business Digest Series.  Entitled 7 Ways To Get The Most of LinkedIn  When Developing Your Network, it gave practical tips on how business people can use the social network as part of their business development and networking efforts.

One thing we’ve learned to expect from social networks, however, is that they’re continually evolving and change is the norm rather than the exception.  Earlier this year LinkedIn made a number of changes to its user interface and functionality, so we have now updated the Digest to reflect this.

The latest issue of 7 Ways To Get The Most of LinkedIn  When Developing Your Network still gives practical tips on how to make the most of LinkedIn in Business Development and Networking. This includes advice, guidance and ideas on:

  • How to create a great and impressive LinkedIn profile
  • Strategies for creating a valuable network of connections on LinkedIn
  • How to make the most of your connections’ news
  • How to add value to your LinkedIn connections
  • Using LinkedIn for BD research
  • Using the network to raise your professional profile
  • Using LinkedIn to generate meetings

If you would like a complementary copy of the Digest, please contact us.

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