A time for calm collaboration

Posted on: June 24, 2016

Given the EU referendum result, UK business clearly now faces uncharted territory and greater uncertainty. Having listened to various news reports and views that have been shared, we do all have a simple choice right now – to stay calm or to panic.

By trying to stay calm we will have a greater chance of finding a less precarious route in the immense period of change ahead.  By supporting each other, collaborating and endeavouring to continue trading, investing and growing our businesses, we will have a greater chance of finding a more positive path through all the uncertainty.

Now more than ever, we need to get even closer to our customers, our suppliers and other businesses who have an impact on ours, our community and our sector.  Whatever your size of business, numerous jobs and livelihoods are clearly involved in all the organisations that yours interacts with.

We are all in this together and, wherever possible, should have an open dialogue about how the EU decision will now affect each other’s business operations. Granted, we are unlikely to know for sure but, if we can begin a dialogue and if we can take a genuine interest in those organisations which surround ours, we will find ways to help each other through the rocky waters ahead.  And it would seem those waters are likely to be rocky for some time.

So over the coming weeks and months, let’s start a dialogue with the purpose of pooling ideas, creativity and innovation.  Let’s collaborate and find new opportunities to develop together.  In doing so let’s try and play an active part in avoiding a long-term economic dip and creating major damage for future generations to come.

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