Thank you LinkedIn

Posted on: May 30, 2014

Back in March you may have seen us bemoaning the fact that LinkedIn had removed that handy summary of a connection’s recent updates and activity, which used to appear on their profile page.

Thank goodness LinkedIn’s finally seen sense and has reinstated this valuable insight.  It is a great way to remain ‘current’ and in touch with what’s important to your network connections and what’s going on in their world. It also means you can be more timely in offering relevant support and help.

The recent activity summary is, however, in a slightly different location to before.  When you go to one of your connections’ profiles, you’ll find a downward pointing arrow next to the blue ‘Send a Message’ button.  When you click on that a drop down menu appears and ‘View Recent Activity’ is the first option. Select this to see that highly useful summary of what this individual has recently shared and done on LinkedIn.

How to now find a summary of your connection's activity on LinkedIn

How to now find a summary of your connection’s activity on LinkedIn

Thank you LinkedIn!  We’re so glad you rethought this one.  It will once again help so many professionals add value to and support their network that much more effectively.

And a big thank you to Richard Maybury for sharing this recent discovery.

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