Get seasonal in your marketing

Posted on: September 15, 2022


Use the current season to pep up your marketing and become more current and relevant to your target audience.

The benefits of seasonal marketing

Whilst it may seem cost-effective to run the same marketing campaign over and over again, after a time your approach can become tired and ignored by the people you are trying to engage with. It also risks becoming irrelevant or even inappropriate if sudden changes occur in your target markets.

One thing that can help your business get noticed is to use the colours, sounds, images, tastes, experiences and descriptions of the season. These appeal more directly to the human experience and can help to make your marketing messages that much more relevant and current.

If your business offering already adapts or has a particular nuance during a specific season, make the most of these.  If it doesn’t, could it benefit from some seasonal packaging or promotion?

Make the most of all seasons

Of course you often see this at Christmas time but less so during other seasons.  We’ve worked with a number of businesses who’ve used the ‘season’ as inspiration for ad campagins, offers, articles, promotions and even events.  It made their marketing fresher, more engaging and (as a result) more effective.

So, if you’re at a loss for inspiration for your marketing over the next month look around you. What facets of the autumn experience can you play to your advantage?

It’s a great season for national days and popular celebrations, such as Halloween.  Various celebrations in the Autumn also make a feature of lights and fireworks.  Collectively these evoke strong imagery and colours which can be echoed in your marketing to attract people’s attention.

In the B2B sector, the Autumn is a time when many organisations are focussing on performance in the last quarter of the year. Could you tap into this in order to share how your product or service could help them at this time?

Be relevant

Seasonality gives the majority of businesses a chance to refresh their marketing campaigns and be seen to be more current.  It gives a sense of timeliness that makes people reconsider whether now is the time they need your offering.

You can use seasonality as inspiration for any content marketing you share, but remember make sure it links in a way that is relevant to your customers, and your business.

If you’d like more insights and expert advice on how you could promote your business through more seasonal marketing we’d love to help  contact us or tel. 01483 429111.


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