Making the most of the autumn for eye-catching marketing campaigns

Posted on: September 5, 2023

Red Autumn LeafAs the leaves begin to change and the air turns crisper, many businesses gear up for their Autumn marketing campaigns and the final push of the year.

Tapping into seasonal sights and sounds can help you to resonate more with target audiences. This is because it can help create a stronger sense of familiarity and establish a more emotional connection with your audience. In this article, we share tips to help you create more stand-out marketing campaigns this season.


Leverage seasonal offers and promotions

Crafting compelling seasonal offers will help you to attract and engage customers. Consider what customers’ priorities are this season.  Can you respond with limited-time promotions, bundled deals, or exclusive autumn collections? Combine this approach with the visually appealing elements that touch on the colours and imagery of the season. It will help you to position your relevance and value and drive conversions.


Optimise for seasonal SEO

Consider incorporating relevant autumn keywords into your website content, online ad campaigns and blog posts. This can boost your search engine rankings and visibility during the season. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to identify popular autumn-related searches in your customers’ buying habits that match your offering. Craft and integrate content around them.


Engage through multi-channel campaigns

Always look to create a cohesive campaign that spans various platforms your customers engage with, for maximum resonance.

Utilise social media, email marketing, blogs, and even offline strategies like direct mail or events. Consistency in messaging and visuals across channels will strengthen recall and engagement for your business.


Tell a captivating story

Never underestimate the power of storytelling in marketing. Craft a campaign around narratives that relate to the autumn season and how you add value to customers at this time of year.

For example, share stories about the people behind your business, your happy customers and the positive impact your offerings bring in the autumn months. This storytelling approach can help foster a deeper connection with your audience.


Foster user-generated content

Encourage customers to share their autumn experiences with your products or services. User-generated content, such as photos, testimonials, and reviews, helps to add authenticity to your campaigns.

Showcase this content on your website and social media platforms to build trust and encourage more potential customers.


Embrace the autumn colour palette

Consider what you need to promote this autumn and whether you can infuse your marketing materials with autumn-themed visuals and colours. Utilise warm tones, falling leaves, and cosy imagery that resonates with the feelings of the season.



Aligning with the autumn sights can help your marketing resonate more with customers and demonstrate your relevance. Take inspiration from the season, and more importantly what it means for your customers.  Adjusting to their seasonal priorities will help your autumn campaigns are a resounding success.

If you’d like advice or input on your marketing strategy this Autumn please do get in touch we’d love to help.

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